DIY Balustrade Wire Kits

We stock a wide range of balustrade fittings to suit almost every conceivable situation, for easy installation by the average DIYer or handyman.  We also provide DIY Wire Balustrade Kits, to make it even easier. For further technical info, check out our DIY Balustrade Brochure or Installation Videos.

For Systems A to E, the cost includes components only. All measuring, cutting and swaging of the fittings to the wire rope needs to be done on site by the customer.

For Systems F to S, the cost includes the components as well as the cutting and swaging of the wires in our factory to your precise measurements, taken from anchor post to anchor post for each complete wire run.

For all Systems (A-S), the cost of wire rope is not included and needs to be added (as every project will need a different quantity of wire).  The total wire required can be calculated by adding each run length and multiplying by the number of wires required in each run.

The correct wire rope for Systems A - E is 3.2mm 7 x 7 construction, and the correct wire rope for Systems F to S is 3.2mm 1 x 19 construction.

If you would prefer to tell us about your project and have us prepare a quote, then please email us with some photos of your site and a dimensioned sketch of what you think you might need. We generally respond with a quote within 1-2 business days.

You are always most welcome to call us on 02 4272 1077 if you would like some help with working things out, including questions about the building code requirements for balustrading wires.

Please see our selection guide below, or view the PDF Version.


Customer-Swaged Systems

System A


System B

System B

System C

System D

System E


Factory-Swaged Systems

System F


System G

System H

* Most popular for timber posts

System I

System J


System K

System K2

System L

System M

System S

* Most popular for metal posts