Product Design and Production

AAA Metal Suppliers is experienced in assisting companies with designing their metal products and arranging for production with one of our manufacturing partners, whether the product be cast, forged, machined, or a combination of these.

We have designed and manufactured a number of our own unique products, protected by patents and / or registered designs. You can rest assured that we will treat your intellectual property with the utmost respect and will work closely with you as your design / production partner, to help deliver the outcomes you require.

We can offer technical expertise and advice in the refining of the design of new products or enhancements to existing products. We are also happy to work to your exact specifications and/or drawings.

We have in-house 3D modelling capabilities and can provide 3D printed polymer prototypes prior to any production, to ensure that the product will be suitable for the application.  We can also usually arrange for metal prototypes to be made (except for forged or cast products), prior to commitment to full production runs.

Please feel free to contact us with your idea for a new or improved product, to see how we may be able to assist. 


Example 3D Model

Polymer Prototype, printed from 3D Model