DIY Handrail Kits

We stock a wide range of handrail fittings to suit almost every conceivable situation, for easy installation by the average DIYer or handyman.  We also offer standard DIY Handrail Kits, to make it even easier for basic applications.

Below you will find a number of standard kits, that include the required fittings but exclude the handrail tube (as each project will require a different length of handrail tube to suit the project).  Additional intermediate posts or brackets can be added for longer handrail runs, we recommend support be provided approximately every 1.5m.

Type 1 Handrail Kit

Type 2 Handrail Kit

Type 3 Handrail Kit

Type 4 Handrail Kit

Type 5 Handrail Kit (38mm diameter)

Type 5 Handrail Kit (50mm diameter)

Type 6 Handrail Kit (38mm diameter)

Simply select the kit you require and add to cart. After adding the handrail kit to the cart, simply add the length of the handrail tube required in millimeters. For example, if you’d like the handrail to be cut to 2.35m long, select '10+' in the quantity, change the value to 2350 and then add to cart. 

We can also provide an installation kit containing all of the stainless fasteners etc required to complete your installation.  Cover caps for post base-plates can also be added if required, to hide the fasteners. 

If your project is of a larger scale or you're just not quite sure what will work best, please don't hesitate to email us to request a quote.  Please attach some photos of your site and a dimensioned sketch of what you are looking to do.  We can generally respond with a firm quote within 1-2 business days of receiving the required information, including the appropriate fittings etc for your project.

You are of course always most welcome to call us on 02 4272 1077 to discuss your requirements, including questions regarding the building code requirements for handrails and balustrades.