Perpendicular Corner Joiner Adjustable Elbow Right Hand Insert. Satin Finish

PCJAE-RH-16-30 50SF
Registered Design stainless steel Perpendicular Corner Joiners with an Adjustable Elbow are ideal for installing a staircase handrail on a corner regardless of the slope. One end fits into a 3.0mm x 50.8mm stainless steel post, another fits into either a left or right handed horizontal tube; and the third end tilts downwards to provide an attachment point for a sloping handrail. 'LH' or 'RH' is determined by looking up to the top of the stairs, and seeing whether the horizontal handrail tube needs to head off to the left or to the right of the fitting. Precision cast from high quality S316 marine grade stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance and durability. Simple to install with pop rivets, wafer screws or glue.

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