Wheelchair Disabled Access Ramps

Ramps for the disabled or wheelchair users, or any other access ramp

Most of us are lucky to have the use of our own two legs. With ease, we go where we please. Using stairs is no problem at all. Not everyone is so lucky, however. Some of us are confined to a wheelchair, and under such circumstances, taking a flight of stairs is impossible. Fortunately, the trend which started in the 20th century to be mindful of wheelchair users and disabled people continues to our present day. We are ever more aware of other people's limitations, and so we provide access ramps instead of stairs. No matter if someone needs a wheelchair, a powerchair, a mobility scooter, a stroller or cart, everyone can be equally mobile.

Incorporating an access ramp in the design phase

Constructing new public buildings such as shops, restaurants, hotels, cinemas, schools, and hospitals nowadays automatically involves replacing part of the stairs by access ramps for persons with limited mobility. The design of wheelchair access ramps or a disabled access ramp is relatively straightforward in that case. Renovating a public building, however, including the removal of stairs for replacement with ramps, is not always self-evident.

Your engineer will need to consider specific measurements. What is the vertical rise to overcome? How much is the available distance without obstruction, measuring straight out from the highest point? Does the calculation of this data result in a slope of 1:20 (5%)? For some people, even this incline is too steep. The access ramp's material is also critical - if it rains or freezes, you don't want any users to slip and fall.

Stainless-steel banisters and balustrades plus handrail fittings for added protection

While young and healthy people may shrug at the notion of holding onto a stair's banister, disabled persons will be glad to make use of this extra support and safety. Railings and balustrades in stainless steel are durable, robust, and easy to maintain, and can be placed inside as well as outdoors. The accompanying handrail fittings are versatile and adjustable too.

AAA Metal Suppliers, advantageously situated in Caringbah in Sydney, New South Wales, is a family company with 25 years of experience pertaining to stainless steel. We offer stainless steel balustrades and handrails for decks, balconies, stairs, ramps, and walls. Our ISO9001-2000 certificate guarantees you that our manufacturing process and customer service are of the highest possible quality. We pride ourselves on our excellent prices, a wide range of products and sizes, and on our rapid turnover which ensures a fast and reliable delivery.

Contact us by telephone or e-mail if you are still in the design phase of a building that will offer both ramps and stairs for wheelchair users, for the disabled, or any other kind of access ramp. Not only do we provide the necessary material to apply stainless steel balustrades and banisters, but we also have extensive know-how relating to the design and manufacture. If necessary, we can assist with 2D drawings, or rendered in 3D CAD.