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Stair Balusters, Stainless-Steel Balustrading, Balustrade Fittings, or Kits for Optimal Protection

We were taught when we were young to hold the handrail to avoid a fall. Especially when you are carrying something, you should leave one hand free when using the stairs. As soon as we get older, we tend to shrug our shoulders at this warning. But even if we're careful, accidents may still happen. Constructing a stair with a sturdy and reliable stair baluster is never a half measure. Especially in certain buildings, a safe stair or ramp with a solid baluster is compulsory. Consider hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes, but also factories where people work day and night and where strict safety measures apply.

The benefits of stainless balustrading

The benefits of stainless steel as a material go without saying. Nowadays everyone is aware that stainless steel is a durable and sturdy metal. It offers resistance against both high and low temperature, but against corrosion too. Because it's easy to clean, it is the first choice for hospitals, kitchens, food, and pharmaceutical processing facilities. Since it's so flexible and versatile, you can give it nearly any shape you like. Finally, stainless steel isn't expensive.

Self-evidently, any stainless balustrading automatically incorporates the excellent characteristics of the material itself. At AAA Metal Suppliers, we supply all you need to build such stainless-steel balustrading, including the necessary accessories such as the stainless balustrade fittings. Whether you need rope, wire, screws, connectors, rings, saddles, or more, you will find our list of stainless-steel balustrade fittings is comprehensive. We offer all parts and components at competitive prices. Both our stainless balustrading and stainless balustrade fittings are of a robust material that can withstand a bump.

Optimally located in Sydney

For large-scale projects such as industrial facilities, hospitals, and care homes, rely on AAA Metal Suppliers. Based in Caringbah in the Sutherland Shire, Sydney, we are conveniently located to deliver to almost any place in New South Wales, but also to the other Australian states.

Contact us if your construction works have started, and you require stainless balustrading or fittings in a large quantity in a short time frame. Also, if your project is still in its design phase, and you happen to struggle with a specific plan. Our 25 years of experience are at your service for the design and manufacture of banisters, balustrades, and screens in stainless steel. We can rapidly produce clear 2D and 3D CAD drawings and models to help you assess your idea's feasibility.

We are proud owners of the ISO9001-2000 certificate, guaranteeing you a reliable manufacturing process for high-quality products, combined with excellent customer service.

DIY-Stainless-steel balustrade kits for swift and smooth installation at home

While construction companies make up the bulk of our customers, we also offer practical stainless-steel balustrade kits which anyone can use at home. Whether you are building a new staircase or renovating an existing one, you will find our various stainless wire balustrading systems quick and easy to use. Once installed and finished well, they are easy to maintain and will offer you many years of safe stair usage.