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Choose the Right Type of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh from AAA Metal Suppliers

For safety, security, fall protection and more, stainless steel mesh is a versatile and affordable solution. At AAA Metal Suppliers, we stock two different varieties of stainless steel wire mesh. Both are used in a wide variety of applications in Australia, ranging from simple fences and garden trellises to fall protection barriers on bridges and in multi-storey carparks. Some of our stainless steel mesh is even used in zoos, to create animal enclosures that are strong enough to ensure spectator safety but transparent enough to allow full visibility.

FlexMesh vs. TwistMesh: Which Variety of Mesh Is Right for Your Application?

The two types of stainless steel wire mesh we stock at AAA Metal Suppliers are known respectively as FlexMesh and TwistMesh. To the untrained eye, both varieties of mesh will look rather similar. Indeed, both resemble the design of a standard chain-link fence. While both products serve similar purposes, though, there are subtle differences between them.

FlexMesh is lightweight and flexible. It is made from ASIS 316 marine stainless steel cable and stainless steel ferrules. The ferrules secure and stabilise the stainless cables, providing extra strength without sacrificing flexibility. FlexMesh is used for a variety of applications. It’s sometimes a balustrade alternative—particularly in coastal environments such as marinas, where its rustproof and corrosion resistant design is a significant asset. It is also a favourite installation for fall protection in carparks, on balconies or elsewhere.

However, perhaps the most popular application is as a trellis or ‘green wall.’ The design of FlexMesh makes it ideal for vertical garden growth, which can be both decorative and functional. More and more building owners are starting to recognise the benefits of green walls. Vegetative walls shade the sides of buildings and help improve a building’s thermal performance. They can also improve air quality in urban areas, among other advantages. FlexMesh walls are perfect for setting up these cost-saving, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing features.

TwistMesh is the other type of stainless steel mesh we stock at AAA Metal Suppliers. It is hand woven from S316 stainless wire rope, with different mesh sizes available depending on the needs of the buyer. Like FlexMesh, TwistMesh is exceptionally lightweight and corrosion resistant. It is used customarily for animal enclosures—for farms, zoos, aviaries and more. It has also been used as a balustrade alternative. The design of TwistMesh makes it ideal for Australia’s harsh conditions, as it is not susceptible to either UV light or water exposure.

Get Help Choosing the Right Type of Mesh: Speak to a Stainless Steel Mesh Supplier Today

As you can see, there is a good deal of overlap between what the different types of stainless steel wire mesh are used for on a regular basis. FlexMesh is popular for vertical gardens and green walls, but TwistMesh can be used for those applications, too. TwistMesh is popular for animal enclosures, but FlexMesh has played that role, as well. Both varieties of stainless steel mesh are installed around Australia as fences, balustrade alternatives or fall protection systems.

At AAA Metal Suppliers, we would be happy to speak with you about your needs and help you decide which type of mesh is ideal. Our stainless steel mesh suppliers are always here to help. You can reach us by calling 02 4272 1077.