Stainless Steel Mobility Disabled Railings

Do You Require Stainless Steel Mobility Rails or Disabled Railings?

Our stainless mobility rails are extensive and have varying lengths that range from 300mm to 1200mm. We have engineers who’ve specifically designed these rails for use in disabled bathrooms. You have a wide variety to pick from including standard, or the more stylish anti-slip grip rails. If you wish to customise the railings to any length or design, we will get that done in a matter of hours. We’ve been doing these for over 25 years and are happy to inform you that we deliver all our products to you anywhere in Australia. When it comes to designing the ideal stainless steel disabled railings, we understand that comfort and proper grip are essential. We’re able to develop customized railings that guarantee your smooth mobility.

Our engineers will incorporate your specifications and design the products you need. AAA Metal Suppliers has in-house abilities to design, prototype, and manufacture any stainless steel mobility rails. By making use of the latest 3D CAD model technology and 2D CAD drawings, trust us to deliver you a modern finished product that’s exemplary even by global standards. You’re most welcome to contact us with any enquiries and we’ll be more than happy to answer you. Don’t settle for less by picking the first stainless disabled railings you come across, instead, feel free to speak about your specifications and suggestions on exactly what you need. We believe that everyone has their individual tastes and preferences when it comes to how they wish to design their interior, we’re always happy when we help create a customized railing for use in your home or commercial premises.

Key Players in Design and Manufacturing of Stainless Steel Mobility Rails in the City of Sydney

We dedicate ourselves to assisting you in sourcing quality and stylish products at extremely competitive prices, within very short lead times. Over the years, we have built significant business connections in the world of offshore procurements, especially with major Asian suppliers. As such, we offer our Australian users a variety of options to pick from, depending on the prices and designs available. We guarantee you of regular shipping schedules and reliable deliveries right to your doorstep.

Design and Manufacture All Under One Roof

In instances you wish to have your stainless steel mobility rails designed and manufactured according to your specifications, we will comfortably arrange that. We have the equipment, we have the personnel, and we also have the latest technology at our disposal. Again, we guarantee fast turnaround time and safe and reliable delivery anywhere in Australia.

For more details, give us a call on 02 4272 1077 during working hours from Monday to Friday. We’ll connect you to our factory and warehouse where all your queries are in capable hands. We want to help you save money this festive season, check out our products page to see the fantastic offers that are up for grabs.