Stainless Steel Handrails and Wire Balustrades

Do You Require Stainless Steel Handrails, Wire, or Balustrades?

AAA Metal Suppliers offer great products for any areas that require handrails, and the added security of wiring under the handrails should someone accidentally slip on a walkway or staircase. With Stainless steel balusters, handrails, or a stainless steel wire balustrade you can ensure not only safety for anyone that may need a guide rail to hold onto or to secure an area such as a balcony, but they will enhance the look and feel of your property as well.

Lasting Quality Stainless Steel Balusters

A Stainless steel wire balustrade offers excellent under rail protection for handrails that are already installed whether made from wood or steel. The wires are ideal for providing something to grab onto should any person lose their balance when they are walking or to prevent large objects from tumbling off your deck or balcony. Our stainless steel handrails, balustrades and stainless steel wire not only provide protection, but also adds a touch of class to any staircase. Most customers prefer the 2-inch round railing as these provide ample protection without being too big to hold onto. They are made of high-quality stainless steel and provide some of the best protection in the industry. We also supply all handrail fittings sourced from top international suppliers. We have been active in this industry for more than two decades and with our experience and know-how to call on, you can attempt your DIY project with confidence.

High Quality Materials and Design

All our products, handrails, balusters, balustrades, and wires are made of the highest quality stainless steel and will last a lifetime. We make sure that your stainless steel handrails and balustrades are designed to stand the test of time and take any wear and tear that may come their way. Manufacturing only from the highest quality material we ensure that no one will have an unfortunate accident with our products around and that they will look great into the future. Our designers are also on standby to assist you in creating functional products and we ensure that our products do not come out of the design process without meeting our exacting standards. Our designers have many years’ experience with 2D CAD drawings and creating 3D CAD models which offer you a visual example before the manufacturing or installation project begins.

These designs are also excellent for keeping any person out of a designated area offering a secure barrier. Our DIY kits are easy to install and with our advice and suggestions, as well as instructional videos we aim to assist you in creating the ideal solutions.

When you are considering adding a new safety addition think about using the products offered at AAA Metal Suppliers. Why not contact us now to discuss how we can assist or to find out more about our operations and sourcing the best quality products on your behalf?