Stainless Steel Handrail Fittings Systems

Why Choose Stainless Steel Handrail Systems for Your Balcony or Staircase?

There is a reason that stainless steel is so widely used. Strong, durable, and incredibly versatile, stainless steel has a nearly unlimited list of potential applications. It doesn’t hurt that stainless steel also provides a simple, attractive aesthetic that appeals to almost everyone. At AAA Metal Suppliers, we get in on the action by stocking a wide range of stainless steel handrail fittings. These handrail systems offer beautiful solutions for balconies, staircases, decks and more.

If you are amid a home renovation and are trying to decide what you want to do with your railing systems, you may be considering your options. After all, in addition to stainless steel handrails, you could choose timber railings, or maybe even aluminium railings. Which option is best for you and why? Read on to find out why we think the answer is stainless steel handrail systems.

The Benefits of the Stainless Steel Railing

When it comes to railings and banisters, classic houses often feature elaborate wooden designs. In both homes and commercial settings, though, stainless steel handrails are becoming more common. On the one hand, the stainless steel aesthetic meshes better with the stylistic hallmarks of contemporary or modern architecture. On the other hand, stainless railings provide a slew of benefits that you simply cannot get from any other type of material. These benefits include:

  • Superior durability: As mentioned previously, stainless steel is an extremely durable metal. This durability is important for several reasons. For instance, when you design a hand railing for a home or business, you can’t just focus on aesthetics. Indeed, you also need to think about safety. Your staircase or balcony will only ever be as safe as the railing itself. When you choose a durable material for the railing, you guarantee a more reliable design. Since steel is more durable than wood or aluminium, it is likely the safest of the common handrail options. Durability also means that stainless steel handrail systems are likely to stand the test of time—particularly outdoors. Where many other materials cannot abide Australia’s tough weather conditions, stainless steel—with its rust proof and corrosion proof properties—can hold firm.
  • Limited maintenance needs: Another offshoot of stainless steel’s durability is that stainless steel railings rarely require much in the way of maintenance. You may need to wipe it down every once in a while to keep it clean but won’t need to do much otherwise. A good stainless steel railing design will never warp, bend, or otherwise degrade, making it a terrific long term investment.
  • Versatility and flexibility: Because stainless steel is so versatile, you will typically have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to picking your preferred stainless steel handrail design. With almost no limitations for design, you can find the right look to suit your home or business.

Get Started with a DIY Kit from AAA Metal Suppliers

Are you interested in adding a stainless steel railing to your house, or incorporating it into your commercial building? If so, give us a call at AAA Metal Suppliers today. We sell DIY kits that include everything from the stainless steel handrail fittings to the railings themselves. These easy to install packages make it remarkably simple to incorporate a stainless rail into your building. Call 02 4272 1077 today to learn more.