Stainless Steel Ferrule Mesh Screen

Easily Complete New Fencing with a Strong Stainless Steel Ferrule Mesh or Screen

Strong and reliable physical security measures are important for every property, from residential homes to industrial work sites and other places too. In car parks, stairwells, and even around outdoor paths, this need for safety manifests most often in the form of a security fence. These protect us from fall hazards while also providing transparency for visibility. Altogether, their function is both aesthetic and about safety. When faced with the task of erecting these barriers in high-traffic locations, the situation demands a lightweight but durable and cost-effective solution.

Relying on traditional balustrading isn't always the best choice, and it doesn't have to be your only option. At AAA Metal Suppliers, we can also supply builders and others with a stainless steel ferrule mesh that performs very well as a part of fencing. Not only will this mesh achieve the same goals of transparency, safety, and strength, but you can complete the task with less hassle, fewer materials, and a cleaner aesthetic look. While we connect clients with the right products from leading manufacturers, we also take care to maintain high standards of quality. With many product options, we have something to suit everyone — consider the advantages of these solutions.

Choosing a stainless steel ferrule mesh for your DIY project

We separate our stainless steel mesh screen product lines into two categories: FlexMesh and TwistMesh. For balustrading infill, FlexMesh works best due to its load rating, lightweight, and easy installation. FlexMesh uses ferrules also made of stainless steel as anchor points and to provide a secure barrier that can perform well in its intended role. TwistMesh follows many of the same design principles and can also take its place as infill in some balustrade applications. However, because it is so easy to work with on a DIY basis, it is also well-suited to structures such as aviaries, enclosures, and so forth. Likewise, installation is quick and straightforward.

In both lines, we focus on quality and durability, using only ASIS 316 grade stainless steel, typically intended for marine environments. This product endures very well and can last for many years to come even in the harshest of outdoor conditions. To meet specific client needs, the angle and thickness of your mesh can vary, customisation options do exist for challenging jobs.

Contact our professional staff with all your questions

Both our FlexMesh and TwistMesh product lines yield exceptional long-term durability. At AAA Metal Suppliers, we use nearly three decades of industry experience and our understanding of engineering and project management to aid our clients in finding the right products. If you are unsure as to which type of stainless mesh would work best for your application, let us know. Our professional staff can guide you through the selection process. For unique or large requests, we can look further afield to source the ideal solutions on the timescale that matches your project deadlines. Contact us today to start an order.