Stainless Steel Banister Screen Cable Railing Kits

AAA Metal Suppliers for Cable Railing Kits, A Stainless-Steel Banister, or Stainless-Steel Screen

Building a new house or renovating an existing one is an exciting moment to draw energy and inspiration from your creative side. Architects and interior decorators agree that turning a traditional or a modern interior into a cosy place to live in is often a matter of adding small details. Occasionally, they disregard the aspect of safety, however. Not only should your home look beautiful and comfortable, but it should also at the same time be a haven for you and your family.

Witnessing the construction of a new house is impressive. Thanks to modern technology, it can go extremely fast. While at the beginning of the year, all you may see, are the foundations, by midsummer the walls may be standing, and your builders may be preparing to place the roof. Once the windows and doors are installed, plumbing, electricity, and heating follow. At this stage of the construction, you have the last chance to decide how your interior will look.

Your stainless-steel banister taking shape

Did you choose stairs in concrete, stone, metal, or traditional wood for your future abode? In every case, a stainless-steel banister may combine extremely well with these. Stainless steel is affordable, strong, highly durable, versatile, and easy to maintain. Stainless steel railings are available in a variety of designs that fit well in both your interior and exterior decor.

Do you have a vision for an exquisite design, but lack the necessary knowhow concerning the material? Phone or e-mail AAA Metal Suppliers for advice. We can give you all the essential tips and tricks on how to place a safe and sturdy banister that will stand the test of time.

A stainless-steel screen that is useful, decorative, or both

Flexmesh and Twistmesh are both made from ASIS 316 marine grade stainless steel to provide a stainless-steel screen which you can apply in a multitude of ways. They may find use outside your home as a vertical garden, bird net or vermin control. While both Flexmesh and Twistmesh are highly flexible, your needs may be just that little bit different.

Perhaps you are looking for a screen to serve as an elegant room divider or a privacy screen in your garden? Do you want to impress your neighbours with a beautiful façade screen? Woven or perforated metal sheets provide incredible opportunities and can come in almost any size and shape. If you have a specific stainless-steel screen in mind to provide a decorative element in your home, let us know. We can craft any interior or outdoor stainless-steel screen to suit your needs.

Cable railing kits for optimal safety

Consider AAA Metal Suppliers too if you are looking for high-quality cable railing kits for your stairs. You can also use these for decks, balconies, or walls. Tailor-made, they are quick and easy to install. With our cable railing kits, your stair banister, decking or balcony balustrade will reflect the latest look in design, while at the same time offering durability, functionality, and safety.