Stainless Handrail Systems Trellis

For New Handrail Systems or a Custom Garden Trellis, Why Choose Stainless Steel?

Embracing the ‘do it yourself’ spirit enables individuals and independent builders to undertake unique and exciting projects, such as creating elegant outdoor decks or installing energy-saving and eco-friendly structures. When the project at hand requires the addition of safety railings to meet regulatory or common sense safety requirements, the easiest and most reliable solution on the market is a handrail made from stainless steel. Not just a legal obligation, handrails can also lend an essential visual element to the stairs in question. When you approach this part of the project, how should you proceed?

At AAA Metal Suppliers, we can answer that question with our comprehensive stock of DIY stainless handrail systems. These lend a professional and polished look to every finished project. Beyond these products, we can also provide other stainless items for other innovative projects. For example, you might choose to install a stainless trellis to create a living, green wall on the side of a home. This increasingly popular move saves power and comes with a host of other benefits, and steel is an ideal material for such a purpose. Why is that, though? There are three key things to consider that set this material apart for your projects.

Procuring stainless handrail systems to your specifications

First, stainless steel by its very nature resists corrosion. For outdoor applications, this is essential. Consider the trellis example. A living wall must receive regular watering to be able to deliver benefits to its building. The framework holding up the plants must, therefore, be able to withstand constant moisture in combination with sunlight, heat, and other weather variations. Stainless steel continues to retain its shine and strength even in this harsh environment.

Second, it is a very versatile and easy material to work with on such projects. AAA Metal Suppliers provides plenty of choices when choosing how to put in new handrails, even when they must navigate corners and other directional changes. If you do not see something in our kits that suits the job, just ask about what you need.

Finally, it brings a simple yet clean look that does not degrade in appearance over time. When installing handrail systems, this should be an important consideration. The longer it continues to look good, the longer one can delay replacement. Stainless options continue to look good even with heavy use.

Choose a trusted provider and take advantage of our experience

For these reasons, choosing stainless steel as your material of choice for a new trellis or essential handrail systems is the ideal path. At AAA Metal Suppliers, we can provide you with kits of high quality steel that are ready to install right away and without complication. For trellises, different sizes are available to suit varying structures — everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the cooler temperatures and increased energy savings that living walls create. Check out our Flexmesh page for visual examples of a completed trellis, or browse our handrails to develop an understanding of our kits. When you're ready to order, contact us at your convenience.