Wire Balustrade Installation Information - System A

How to install System A stainless wire balustrade

System A wire balustrade kits are easy to install. All you need is a ruler, drill, drill bit, hand swaging tool, wire rope cutter and screwdriver. 

Follow the steps in our DIY Stainless Wire Balustrading Brochure or our instructional video above.

**NB - please note that the fitting sizes may have changed since the video was produced, meaning wire rope length may need to be a little shorter.  Please double check the wire length required before crimping the second ferrule.

When installing System A stainless steel balustrade we recommend 3.2mm 7 x 7 stainless steel wire rope to provide the flexibility needed for looping the wire around the thimbles.

This DIY wire balustrade system is suitable for runs up to 10 metres.

The stainless balustrade wires should be spaced a maximum of 80mm apart, provided the distance between the intermediate posts is no greater than 1200mm.

Do not bend wire around corners. It can damage the balustrade wire, put excessive stress on the anchor posts and make it difficult to tension. It is also not compliant with the building code requirements.

The tension of the stainless wire balustrade can be checked by hanging a full 2L milk container on the wire in the mid-point between the posts and measuring the deflection. If the wire deflects more than is allowed by the BCA Guidelines then it will need to be tensioned further. Be careful not to over tension the wires as this will put excessive strain on your anchor posts.

To install the wire balustrade drill 3mm holes to screw the saddles into timber anchor posts and 4mm holes to allow the wire to pass through the intermediate posts. If split grommets are to be inserted into intermediate posts, a 9.0mm hole is required.

If using steel posts we suggest you use self drilling screws or rivets to attach the saddles to the post.

Stainless balustrade supplies are shipped from AAA Metal Suppliers' factory in Sydney.