FlexMesh Panel Edge Treatment

FlexMesh panels can be made with various edge treatments, to suit the installation method required for a particular project.

The 'standard' edge treatment is simple loops formed around the panel perimeter, for lashing the panel to a frame with wire rope, or supporting via tensioned rigging wires.

It is also possible to have swaged eye terminals on opposing edges on two sides, facilitating attachment via fasteners or lashing to a frame with a separate length of wire rope.

Other options include 'floating' ferrules on edge loops to assist with lashing, or over-sized edge loops to facilitate the insertion of framing profiles into the loops to support the mesh.

Once we understand your project scope, we can work with you to arrive at the most appropriate installation method and edge treatment to suit.

Installation concept model (created by AAA Metal Suppliers), for FlexMesh installation beneath a mining conveyor system.

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