FlexMesh Panel Dimensions

It’s important that accurate panel dimension requirements are confirmed at time of ordering, as the panel will be designed such that the proper tension exists in the mesh when the panel is stretched out to the nominated dimensions.

If the panel is made undersize, it won’t be possible to fully stretch it out as required in all dimensions. Conversely if it is made oversize, it may still be a bit saggy once stretched out to the specified size.

Generally, the maximum panel dimensions possible for a single panel is around 12m.  However the maximum possible dimensions is also related to aperture size, so contact us to discuss requirements for greater than 12m dimensions in a single panel.

Adjacent panels can easily be joined via a tensioned rigging wire, woven through the edge loops of adjacent panels, to provide a continuous looking larger panel.

See diagrams below showing how panels are dimensioned, including diamond orientation. 

Vertical Diamonds


Horizontal Diamonds


Flexmesh green-wall panel, 3890mm W x 9975mm H 

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