Beach Access Handrail - Jim from Bowen Island, BC, Canada - 8/9/21


Hello Steve,
The fittings reached me a week ago in perfect condition. I had to pay Canadian GST and BC PST and a small handling fee but no “duty” tariff.
The satin finish goes well with the “shiny” finish of the local tube, and the fittings and tube fit together well.
After checking everything, the carpenter who is doing the installation on Bowen Island put it aside so as to first finish other kinds of restoration we’re getting done. My intent is to send you photos eventually.
Bye for now,
Richmond and Bowen Island, BC

I promised to send photos about the Bowen Island beach-access project. It turns out you’re getting that in a filled-out way, a 4-page brochure (link below). Perhaps you have customers who will be interested too, and you’re welcome to use it as a testimonial.
Regards Jim.


Restored Bowen Island Structure