Balcony Decking Balustrade

Give your old Decking or Balcony New Life with a Balustrade from AAA Metal Suppliers

Your old decking or balcony balustrade was built from good pressure-treated and rot-resistant timber, and you have cared for it well, giving it a coat of varnish every year so that it would always look fresh, and withstand the elements. In return, it has given you many years of enjoyable moments outside. But even the most durable wood will not last forever, and will eventually need replacement.

A different material for your balustrade

You can consider renovating your balcony or decking balustrade a chore or an opportunity. In the latter case, why not seize the chance to provide your home with a completely different look by choosing something besides wood? Granted, wood is an inexpensive and convenient option for a balcony balustrade. It's eco-friendly too, provided it originates from renewable forests and processed correctly. When you're buying wood, always insist on information from where and how it's imported. Even if you find a trustworthy supplier, remember that you should varnish wood regularly, or it will deform and rot quickly.

Building a glass or acrylic balcony balustrade is fashionable. For a rigid exterior to mirror your minimalist interior, glass is a wonderful option. If you're living in the countryside, in a mountainous area or by the seashore, then glass offers a splendid view! Of course, you will have to keep it completely spotless, but some vinegar in your bucket of water will work miracles. If you choose glass for your new balcony or decking balustrade, consider combining it with a stainless-steel frame from AAA Metal Suppliers. It will bring out the glass details even more.

PVC and vinyl are another option, not as expensive as glass. The colours in this material are limited though, and white is usually the preferred choice. Because of this, the same disadvantage as for glass applies. If you don't regularly clean your white PVC balustrade, it will leave a dirty impression.

Combinations abound

A balcony or decking balustrade in aluminium, iron, brass or stainless-steel is another possibility. Metal isn't expensive, but strong, light, and modern, possibly the perfect solution for you. It needs hardly any maintenance and will last for many years, always looking crisp and clean. Such balustrades are available in a variety of colours and styles. You're bound to find a type that perfectly follows your home's design.

If you have a creative mind, for an optimal effect, combine one or more of the abovementioned metals with each other. Is a picture forming in your imagination, but are you in doubt if your design is doable? Contact us and allow us a look at your plans. We have been working with these materials for more than 25 years and can provide valuable advice to build a balustrade that is both fashionable, sturdy, and safe. We'll assist with CAD drawings too in 2D or 3D, making it easy for you to picture the result. Count on us for a wide range of products, size and finishes, competitive prices, high quality, clear advice, and quick delivery.