Handrail Kit Type 6 - 38.1mm Satin Tube

Handrail Kit Type 6 - 38.1mm Satin Tube

Our modern and elegant 316 grade stainless steel handrail kit is easy to install with no welding or polishing required. Perfect for internal and external use, this handrail can be installed on masonry or framed walls (if fixing to plasterboard you must ensure the brackets are fixed into the studs).

Very low maintenance and will last for the life of the building. The brackets can be rotated to suit the angle of an inclined rail if required.  38.1mm handrail diameter is a popular choice for elderly or handicapped persons, as it allows for a stronger hand-grip to be made to the rail.

 Each Type 6 Handrail Kit Contains:

  • 2 x Radius Elbow Wall Brackets
  • Installation Kit including SS screws, masonry plugs, drill, rivets, cutting compound and polishing cloth

 **Please note that handrail tube needs to be added separately**

After adding the handrail kit to the cart, simply add handrail tube to the cart and select the length of the handrail tube required from the dropdown box. If you'd like a different length you'll just need to email us the precise length require in mm.  For example, if you'd like the rail cut at 1260mm, simply select "1300mm" from the dropdown list and then email us after ordering to advise you'd like it cut at 1260mm instead of 1300mm.

We do not suggest that the length of the tube for this handrail exceeds 1.5m.  For longer 38.1mm handrails, we suggest you use a Type 5 Handrail Kit with a additional wall brackets.

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